Located in the Heart of Mississauga
The Queen Clinic is located at 5025 Creditview Rd, Mississauga.

Here to help keep you healthy.

The Queen Clinic is located at 5025 Creditview Rd, Mississauga.

Our Clinic Services

At The Queen Clinic, our staff is highly knowledgeable and trained in everything that we do, ensuring that you have access to the best healthcare possible. Our interest is in your well-being and optimal health, and all of our staff will work together to achieve that.

At The Queen Clinic, you are not just another patient. Forget the days of waiting hours to see a doctor only to be left with unanswered questions and frustration. We pride ourselves in putting the patient first, and we strive to help our patients by providing them with the most up-to-date information.
We have skilled wellness and beauty experts and state-of-the-art devices and treatments accessible from within our Wellness and Beauty clinic.  If you require individualized service, give us a call and book a consultation with a Doctor at your convenience.
The health of our patients is our number one priority, that’s why we offer lab testing for diabetes and other medical challenges.  Come by for lab testing at our clinic to feel reassured with your results!

Our clinic is here to provide with individual treatment and care

Our clinic, in conjunction with the Queen Pharmacy next door, can help you identify and treat any health issues that you may have. We practise the highest standard of service and healthcare, ensuring that our patients are always well taken care of and satisfied.

With a large selection of medical centres to choose from in the area, The Queen Clinic will always offer the most satisfying, comprehensive service for all of your medical needs. To us, you are more than just a patient, and we are invested in making you feel better and optimizing your well-being.

Existing clinic patients are able to make appointments, however, new walk in patients, or patients who urgently would like to see a doctor are welcome at any time during business hours.

Combined clinic and pharmacy patients experience better accessibility (everything is conveniently in one accessible location without the need to transfer prescriptions or records). As such, that means shorter waiting times and a familiar face each time to increase your sense of comfort the moment you enter our building.

Why choose us?

The Queen Clinic is dedicated to your well-being. Our solutions are comprehensive and our practise is innovative. We are constantly looking for ways to make healthcare more accessible and hassle-free for our patients. With our knowledgeable staff and superior service, we assure that you will leave satisfied and well taken care of.

Our staff is highly educated and has many years of experience in the industry. Having both a pharmacy and clinic, we have increased access to resources and the ability to better treat our patients.
Cutting Edge
We pride ourselves in always looking for ways to better service our customers with new technology and advancements, including online RX Refill and RX Transfer Services and Compounding.
Honest & Dependable
Knowledge is power, and we will work with you to ensure that all of your questions are answered concerning your prescriptions and health. We are here to help and support you as best we can.
Quality of Service
With us, you are not just another patient or prescription. We work with you to ensure that all of your pharmaceutical and health-related needs are satisfied in order to live your life to the fullest.

At The Queen Clinic, you are sure to feel right at home in our clean, modern facility. Centrally located, we are easily accessible by public transport and large enough to support both the pharmacy and clinic.

We would love to have you visit! 

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Our staff works together to get our patients exactly what they need. Our medical professionals are highly educated with extensive experience, along with a mind-set that aligns with the visions, values and mission of The Queen Clinic. Our goal is to optimize your health, and we work as a team to achieve that for you.

Caring and Professional Experts

We are continually looking for ways to reach and help new types of patients in their medical needs. Our practise exists to help all types of people. No matter who it may be, we always look for ways we can work with any type of patient to get the feeling and living better.

It’s all about you!

We look to our valuable resources to bring you the most current knowledge.

We love being in the know about the latest advances and progressions in our industry that can ultimately help us better treat our patients. We are constantly looking for ways to strengthen the relationship between us and our patients, and improve the quality and accessibility of service however we can.

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Experience is our strong-suit. With seasoned medical professionals, we have built the services that will suit your needs.
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Working Hours with passion so you never have to worry about picking up your medications too late.
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Happy Clients from all around Mississauga are proud to say that they are our customers of The Queen Clinic.

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5025 Creditview Rd, Mississauga, ON L5V 3E5