Meds-Check Overview

The Queen Clinic offers MedsCheck to all of its patients. This program involves a 30-minute session between the healthcare professional and the patient to review the patient’s current prescriptions. Sometimes, with multiple prescriptions, it can be nearly impossible to verify the consequences and reactions between different medications without help. Having a reliable partner who is here to help you and prevent any adverse reactions will greatly reduce risk and optimize the treatment of any chronic health issues.

What Does MedsCheck Include?

There are a few different options to be explored with MedsCheck. The Queen Pharmacy makes it easy for almost all patients to have access to this great program. The program is comprised of 4 sections:

  • Meds-Check for patients with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes.
  • Meds-Check for standard patients.
  • Meds-Check for homebased patients.
  • MedsCheck for long-term home based patients
    MedsCheck is a very accessible program that is free, as long as you have your OHIP card; it’s as simple as that!

We empower our patients to better understand how to manage their health issues and correctly execute treatment.

Fulfilling Our Promise Of Better Education For Patients

At The Queen Clinic, the MedsCheck program is all about our patients getting the most out of their treatment, and being well-informed so that they can make good decisions regarding their health. We love working with our patients to keep them in the know as to how to manage symptoms and correctly seek and execute treatment. We believe that knowledge is power; having access to a resources such as The Queen Clinic is a huge advantage for any patient seeking medical help and support.